1. If no title is set, the sheet will title the entry no title
  2. If no start or end time is set, they will be assumed to be 00:00 and 23:59 repectively unless All Day is set to Yes as times are then ignored
  3. If no end date is set, it is assumed to be the same as the start date.
  4. If all day is blank, it is assumed to be No
  5. If Location, Notes and Invites are blank, they are ignored
  6. Recursion has been modelled after Google Calendar's own options. Due to the potentially complicated nature of recursion only fairly basic options are given here.
  7. you need options beyond what is offered it is recomended you create an entry without recursion then set the recursion from Google Calendar
  8. Repeat until - if both options are set, the script will go with Until: Date. If neither are set, the entry will repeat forever.

Know Issues

  • All Day events can't be set to multiple days if there is recursion